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TCM LED Talk Successfully Connected With the Founder of "China Corner" of St. Margaret College Secondary School in Malta

President Xi Jinping in August replied to a letter from teachers and students of the "China Corner" at St. Margaret College Secondary School in Malta. He encourages that more Maltese teachers, students and other young people will actively participate in cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Malta, so as to promote mutual learning of civilizations and carry forward the friendship between the two peoples.

Responding to his call, the International Office of Guang'anmen Hospital actively contacted the school, and finally reaching out to Mr. Martin Azzopardi sdc, the founder of the "China Corner" and communicating with him online. Cui Yongqiang, director of the International Office, introduced the purpose of establishing contact and his 10-year-old TCM LED Talk. Mr. Martin Azzopardi sdc hoped to teach reducing stress with Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).

The two sides agreed to hold the first online lecture with a group students about TCM and reducing stress and anxiety in the near future.

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