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Introduction of ""Xiao Chuan Gao " for Preventing and Treating Winter Diseases in Summer in Guang'anmen Hospital

Since 1955, many veteran TCM experts from Guang'anmen Hospital have taken the lead in applying the herbal acupoint application therapy (prevent and treat winter disease in summer) on a large scale clinical treatment in China after excavating and sorting out the Qing Dynasty prescriptions. On this basis, the hospital organized professional forces to study and improve the composition of herbs, preparation technology, acupoints for application and time for application, etc., and formed the characteristic in-hospital preparation "Xiao Chuan Gao (antiasthmatic herbal paste)". The preparation has been approved by the Beijing Municipal Medical Products Administration and can be prepared and used in medical institutions registered by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).

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Over the past few decades, it has treated millions of respiratory patients.
"Sanfutie " therapy (applying Xiao Chuan Gao on acupoints in dog days) has been listed as an appropriate TCM diagnosis and treatment technology in Beijing, won many awards from the National Health Commission and the China Association of Chinese Medicine, and has been promoted to many medical institutions in Beijing and China.
The International Medical Department of the hospital promotes "Sanfutie "therapy for international patients with medical insurance to serve a wider range of people. At the same time, the hospital also undertakes the demonstration teaching task of this therapy in the medical institutions in Beijing.

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In recent years, the departments of rheumatology, otolaryngology, and pediatrics in the hospital have developed unique treatment programs according to the characteristics of their respective diseases and innovatively developed more "Sanfutie " for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, allergic rhinitis and pediatric diseases, in order to meet the needs of more patients.
Among them, the rheumatology department of the hospital, after years of special research, was approved by the Beijing Administration of TCM as the only pilot unit to carry out “Sanfutie for preventing and treating winter diseases in summer” in rheumatism in July 2018, which was included in the Beijing medical insurance reimbursement.

There is difference between care and caring-A staff of Guang'anmen Hospital hands a bottle of mineral water to a patient queuing up for her Sanfutie treatment on the first dog day in 2022.

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