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"Guang'an Dermatology School " Edited by Dermatology Department of Guang'anmen Hospital Recently Published

Recently, the book "Guang'an Dermatology School ",  written by the dermatology department of Guang'anmen Hospital, was officially published by China Medical Science Press.

The dermatology department of Guang'anmen Hospital is one of the first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dermatology departments established in China, and is known as "Guang'an Dermatology School" among the academic schools of dermatology in China. The Guang'an Dermatology School has a long history and profound insight, originating from the Xinde School, one of the three major surgical schools in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Professor Zhu Renkang, the successor of Xinde School, with excellent medical skills and reputation was invited by the Ministry of Health of China when the Academy of TCM (now the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences) was founded in 1955. He was dispatched from Shanghai to Beijing to preside over the education and research of surgery in the Academy of TCM. The establishment of the dermatology department of Guang'anmen Hospital in 1972 also marked the formal formation of the Guang'an Dermatology School.

Starting from Professor Zhu Renkang's initial work, the Guang'an Dermatology School has adhered to the academic spirits of "accepting and integrating, learning from other's strengths, achieving mastery through a comprehensive study ". It inherits the academic idea that the Xinde School's theory of warm diseases can be used in the field of ulcers, develops the wei, qi, ying and blood theories in differentiating and treating skin diseases, initiates and improves the system of skin lesion differentiation in the dermatology, and creates a number of skin disease prescriptions with remarkable curative effects. It not only inherits the essence of academic schools, but also has outstanding innovation, persistence in change, and advocates effectiveness. After 50 years of development, the Guang'an Dermatology School has accumulated rich experience in medical education and research and made some achievements.

In order to further inherit and promote the clinical experience of the Guang'an Dermatology School, the dermatology department team systematically sorted out the context and the academic experience of the school, and wrote "Guang'an Dermatology School".
This book consists of six chapters and introduces the academic thoughts, unique academic system and distinctive academic characteristics of the medical practitioners in the inheritance of the school, focusing on the school's experience in the application of herbal medicine, prescriptions, pharmaceutical technology, and characteristic technique, and in the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases for which TCM proves effective with relative advantages.

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